Lecture 1: Andrew Stevenson, ANSTO - Australian Synchrotron, Australia

            Propagation-based phase-contrast imaging and tomography

Lecture 2: Matias Kagias, TOMCAT, SLS, Switzerland

            Talbot grating interferometry

Lecture 3: Cameron Kewish, ANSTO - Australian Synchrotron, Australia

            Ptychographic X-ray computed tomography

Hands-on session 1: Azat Slyamov, DTU, Denmark

            Hands-on session on ptychotomography

Lecture 4: Andrew King, Synchrotron SOLEIL, France

            Diffraction Contrast Tomograph

Lecture 5: David Paganin, Monash Univ., Australia

             X-ray speckle-based phase-contrast and dark-field imaging

Lecture 6: Hugues Talbot, CentraleSupelec, France

            Machine-learning based reconstruction methods

Hands-on session 2: Hugues Talbot, CentraleSupelec, France

            Hands-on session on machine-learning

Lecture 7: Martin de Jonge, ANSTO - Australian Synchrotron, Australia & Qiheng Yang, ANU, Australia

            XRF imaging and tomography: techniques and challenges

Lecture 8: Peter Munro, UCL, UK

            Edge illumination phase contrast

Lecture 9: Matthieu Boone, Ghent Univ., Belgium

            Hyperspectral imaging and tomography

Lecture 10: Ulf Garbe, ANSTO - Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, Australia

            Alternative neutron imaging and tomography techniques

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