In the field of Computed Tomography (CT) research concerning reconstruction methods of 3D images from data acquired in absorption (attenuation) mode constitute a very active domain and innovative results are regularly produced. Concurrently, the level of interest for the other modes of data acquisition have grown rapidly over recent years. This is true for micro-CT experiments at synchrotrons, but also for acquisitions performed using lab-based CT and micro-CT systems.

This first IntACT advanced course will focus on the reconstruction methods associated to these alternative (i.e. non-absorption) modes of data acquisition. Phase-based imaging methods will obviously be an important part of the programme with different modalities like holo-tomography, grating, edge illumination, etc. Diffraction-based imaging methods will also be considered: ptychotomography, diffraction contrast tomography, etc.

Translation into lab-based CT and micro-CT systems will be highlighted.

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